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Jail Appeal
To whom it may concern
On Thursday May 2nd some time between 6 and 8 pm mountain time, sorry don’t remember exact time I believed I was banned for unwanted PVP. I’m very sorry for bothering the other player, when they said stop, I really should have stopped. I’m really sorry for being overzealous that evening I’m just really into PVP. Usually the other players agree to play but unfortunately this time I didn’t take no for an answer. If unbanned, I swear I will be a more respectful player and only do PVP in designated PVP arena.
Unwanted PvP is against the rules. You will be returned to the rules tower to refresh your memory on this point.

The next time you are on, you can ask for a staff member to process you and mention this appeal. Or you can let us know here when you are likely to be on and if someone is available we can do it then.

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