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Chest raid of important items
In my base, all of my treasure was stolen between  8:00PM last night and 6:15AM this morning. Other chests were raided as well. If coal was taken from furnaces, that is fine and I know about that. Scaffolding was also destroyed. This also affected blockbuild7. Iron, gold, emeralds, coal, quartz, and redstone were stolen along with other items. This has gone on for about 4 days. Small amounts of items were taken over time.
We are looking into this for you. Watch here for updates.
Your raider has been identified and banned. Unfortunately, I'm not getting a clear list of what they took. To restore your items, we're going to have to restore your base region from backup. Do you want us to do that?
Would that get rid of my base, Or just restore it from the time before it happened? And would it only apply for the chunks the chests were in?
We would restore it to the time before it happened. It would affect the whole area, not just those chunks. I have verified that none of your neighbors have been in the area since well before the raiding, so only you and blockbuild7. And I'm only looking to restore for the big raid.
Yes, restore it please. Who Was the raider?
It wasn't a regular. A staff member will reach out to you to coordinate the restore.
We haven't been able to catch you in game to coordinate. We have your area restored on the dev server and would like you to check it before we restore on the main server. Do you have discord? You can send me a private message with your id and maybe we can coordinate that way.

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