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Prohibition of 0-tick farms
I recently had a chat with ilmango in one of his live streams.  He has done extensive testing and has concluded that given all options 0tic seems to be the best current option for servers.  SlicedLime, a Mojang developer, also agrees that most farming options other than harvesting and collecting by hand are far more stressful than 0tic. At some point most players opt for automation in harvesting and collection.  I'm sure there are plenty of servers that do not allow these farms. However just because other servers take a certain action does not mean we should.  Is there any hard evidence that these farms cause any significant lag?
I would like to see the results of the extensive testing done on a public server with several players spread out in the world with other farms, traveling and chunk generation. I go with the general principle that any form of pulsing redstone device will use cpu cycles.The more of these rapidly pulsing devices exist, the more of a performance impact it will have on the server. There are other very efficient mechanisms to harvest sugarcane, bamboo, or cactus. Maybe one or two 0-tick farms will not have a noticeable impact on the server but if they're allowed, we will see dozens of them and since they're cheap to make, a dozen possibly at each base. Given the proportionality issue [necessity to have large amounts of crops in little time (vs) potential server strain it introduces] I prefer that players go with other farms instead of ones that rely on rapid pulsing.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Ok let's do it. Let's test it.

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