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Ban appeal
Hello there!
Username: redstonermoves
Ban reason: Griefing/PVP Without asking
I would like to state, Yes I did PVP, but it was with my friend "siltycloud" who lives in my base also if you would like he should vouch for me. 

1st, I was killing my friend (siltycloud) it was all for a joke (He was also killing me.), we were also in a discord call, it was all for fun we laughed it off also.

2nd, I griefed our base (me and siltycloud). I mean thats it, it was a joke also, we laughed it was fine with him, and me.

So basically this was my base, that got griefed (by me)

Thank you for reading this, I really love VH, I always love playing!

My discord if you need to contact me: redstonermoves#9777
I'm not trying to be annoying here, I'm just bumping because most other people have been answered quickly. Sorry if I should not do this. (:
I'm sorry, I got confused, now I know I should not say my friends can vouch, Sorry! (Cant edit, im not trying to spam... sorry)
Week-end period. Give it a few hours. The admin who banned you will attend to the request as they can.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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