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With farm and a few things near greifed
Hello! So this morning I went to the witch farm only to discover that our witch farm had been torn to pieces and our public storage system had chests broken. At this moment in time I do not know if anything else was greifed but you can message me in game to get coords Smile

I am also a resident at prismatica and the entire floor of the storage room has been greifed and Spinreaver And I both appear to be missing some items.
Said stolen items don't happen to be an elytra, 6 db and a few iron blocks? If so, WaldoFindMe is the droid you're looking for and I can return your items to you.
(Just for clarification, I didn't steal from Prismatica, he let me try his adventure map and I got the spoils from it but I suspect they were stolen)
Rollback in progress. It's from the Maedeub incident.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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