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Public Storage destroyed

My in game name is Klahon (formally named lewisc53), I have been playing on the server for the majority of the day working on my base and I have just gone down to our public storage for the island and it has been griefed/destroyed (visited about an hour before and no damage). I haven't been too active recently so I'm not 100% sure of the names of all of the island members so I can't tell whether any of them were online in between the last time I saw the storage and now. 

Is there anyway you can check who may have caused the damage? maybe placed TNT or something? One of the storage areas of an island member has been destroyed as well.

Peterthebrewer is the owner of the island so he can be contacted in game if I'm not on.

I have screenshots of the coords/damage and time/date I noticed the damage. 


[Image: lewisc53.png]
Griefer is someone who was invited into town early August. He logged on today just to grief and pretended not to know anything about it. He has been banned and the base has been rolled back from backups.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Thank you for the swift response and roll back. There are a few things missing from the roll back as they were brought to the island just a few hours before the incident. Three shulkers of nether rack and 12 stacks of gun powder. I would also like to know who invited the player to the island so I can remind them about the rules regarding inviting players to the area.
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