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Ban appeal for being an alt
right so my account lowdown or backstabbin as it was changed to was banned because my little brother was fly hacking and i refuse to take the blame for something i have not but obviously the staff seem to think i cannot be 25 and have a 12 yo sibling so refused to accept what i said not sure why... so i make another account called Adulian so i can play i have not done 1 thing wrong literally nothing and i have been baanned for being an alt? i didn't fly i didn't grief i haven't stolen so because a specific staff member seems to have a grudge against me for telling the truth and not accepting the blame for something i did not do im never allowed to play here?
Not only you lied about having a brother instead of taking blame for your own actions initially but you choose to evade the ban and continue cheating, notably X-Ray. Actually it was the X-Raying that triggered my investigation of Adulian and I made the connection between you two.

There is no way you will get a pardon on this server. You can try to evade but I'll make sure your accounts are banned as I find them.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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