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Jailed for destroying my own build.
I was jailed for destroying my own build.  My bed was destroyed, my chests that held important loot(diamonds, emeralds, enchanting books) Stolen and destroyed.  Hell there was even signs on the docks that said..."Dwarzal's Home" yet all destroyed/removed except 1, I left that one.  Instead of looking back farther or whatever you do to see who owns the build or who started placing blocks i guess it was easier to just to jail me?

Not once Have I ever grief-ed, stole, damaged or used chat inappropriately.  I even went past the 15k thinking i was safe from stealing or having my stuff destroyed.  So why I was jailed for having someone else claim my build, chests, destroying my bed is a mystery to me.
I have looked into this and note that you are correct. You have been at this base for some time. When admins are on patrol and we see mass griefing and a player in the area in the process of doing additional damage, we take precautionary steps and jail.

The server is pure vanilla and we do not have plugins like coreprotect that allows admins to very quickly run commands to see which player placed a block or did damage. All our grief/raid investigation and rollback can be a tedious and manual process.

When you're on the server next time, you will find yourself in jail. Issue this command and you will be removed from jail: vhguide unjailme

As for your griefed base, I will look into the possibility of rolling it back given you're at the insurance distance. Will keep you updated here. Apologies for the inconvenience.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
no need to roll back, i dont mind starting over, will travel a lot farther out.
All right, good luck on your travel! I have identified the two players who griefed and raided you in the process of investigating and have banned them from the server.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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