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Jail Appeal
So my name is El Yagi and i used xray srry, I didn't know I couldn't use hacks my main language is spanish and i cant read the rules.

The google translator is not the best option to translate the rules since it would translate them badly.
If you can, please, get me out of jail, that would be amazing and obviously I will take my out hacks. Big Grin
Check out these rules here. https://vanillahigh.net/rules-es/
[Image: bamajoe411.png]
ok i read it, and i understood can you pls get me out of the jail? Smile
You will be allowed out of jail on these conditions.

1. Your entire inventory will be deleted.
2. You will be sent back to the rules tower.
3. You will not be given a 3rd chance so If I were you I would make sure I understood ALL of the server rules BEFORE resuming play.
If you have questions about the rules Ask.

I will wait for your acceptance to these terms.
[Image: bamajoe411.png]
i agree

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