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Jail Appeal (Stealing)
I think it's time that I formally apologize for what I've done. At this point, I haven't been on the server for a few months. I went on vacation and came back to see myself jailed. At first, I was confused about what I did wrong. After checking the forums for information, I had realized what I had done. During my numerous trips to establish a base at the world border, I had made stops along the way. These trips were usually to see overworld coords and set my spawn point, though, others were to restock my food and firework supplies. These supplies, I admit, were usually from other bases. I didn't think much of it though. I thought they could care less if I took a few supplies. I was wrong. Stealing in any shape or form is wrong. I was oblivious to the fact that I was taking from other player's hard work. When looking through the forums, I found a complaint about me and the reason I was jailed. I explained myself and apologized to that post as well, although some things about the forum post weren't correct like how they thought I had griefed it, which is false. Once again, I sincerely apologize for my actions and promise to never simply brush over the rules as I did. I hope this is enough to be unjailed, or in the very least be an explanation and apology for my actions.

Side Note - If I am ever unjailed, can you also consider not wiping my inventory? I did admit to stealing food and fireworks, but everything else I had gotten myself. I would greatly appreciate if you left my inventory alone. I understand that an offense such as stealing shouldn't be taken lightly, but I believe I served my time and had enough courtesy to take the minimum, even though it's still not right.

Sincerely - MemezForBeanz (IGN)

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