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Addlington lava casts (yet another grieffer)
During the last 24h (Tuesday the 20th), a grieffer has grieffed and covered Addlington in lava.
I was warned by Nova this morning (5 hours ago).
It seems that they used hacks, X-ray for sure (found secret stash of ores).
An admin online has taken care of said grieffer.
I am linking screenshots and infos of the grief and will wait for a rollback of the Addlington Region.
Thank you!

PS : May I have the username of the culprit?

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Griefer was MourYother. Before being caught and banned, s/he was on his way to grief Tofu Town. Rollback will follow shortly.

Update: Addlington has been rolled back from backups. Enjoy.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
\o/ Thanks!

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