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Minor grief to my and surrounding bases
Hello. I've been away from the server for a few months, and decided to come back today. Here is what i found:
*the farm in front of my house was damaged;
*some of the wheat in the barrels near my farm was missing (again...);
*two blocks near a door were removed;
*the items in the item frames in my storage room were rearranged;
*a "bridge" consisting of only birch planks was placed where the actual bridge surrounding my house would've been;
*a cobblestone and netherrack pillar was built to get to an otherwise inaccessible location in a base near mine.

Most of these issues i've fixed myself since i tought it wasn't worth the hassle reporting, but i've left the pillar since i couldn't know if the owner themselves had done it and i didn't want to unadvertedly eliminate something that might have been useful to them.

If the culprit could be found i'd very much appreciate.

P.S. if any admin may need screenshots or coordinates, i will provide. I am beyond the 15000 blocks radius.

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