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Rosehill has been Greifed sadly
I assume this occurred during the 1.15 update and the influx of players it gives.
While the damage looks minimal, whoever did grief the town targeted houses.

Everything in the town on the outside is fine but all my chest in the storage room are gone. and the neighbour had their back wall taken off and villagers killed. the storage area house has all items left on the floor.

I've attached photos of the current situation and my next post will have the original state if I have any, I've only gone through the main area of town.

Well I only have a screenshot of my personal Storage room and how I left it.
Can we determine who did this?

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[Image: iqwykz.png]
Hi, Rose Hill/Seaside Cross was griefed on December 03. The perpetrator has been banned. Rollback will follow shortly. Please make sure you log in every now and then to check your base status and report any incident. If incidents are not reported for a long time, it may result in us being unable to identify the offender or in the worst cases, not have backups going that far back.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Should be able to now that I've got my pc upgraded. Cheers.

It's not a perfect rollback, all the ore chest in the storage room is empty and the nether warts on the green are gone, but given the time between the rollback and now this is as good as it may get. I can recover from here considering it was excess ore and lapis, coal and redstone. Does reinforce the fact that two trips were made by our culprit.
[Image: iqwykz.png]

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