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Missing items from my base
I logged on to discover 3 empty slots in a previously full chest next to my bed.
Could the admins kindly check the recent game logs and find the player who took the items 
without permission and deal with them accordingly?

Many thanks for your help with this.

An update … It has just been discovered that one of the missing items, an elytra was moved from the chest next to my bed to the chest next to Jake_Tesla's bed.
I am absolutely certain it was not Jake_Tesla that moved it.
Hello Again … I just discovered that from a chest in a different part of my house, I am missing at least one stack of fireworks.
Thinking that these were most likely taken at the same time as the item(s) -- one stack of slimeballs -- from the chest next to my bed.
As mentioned in the post above, I did find my elytra had been moved to the chest next to Jake_Tesla's bed. Jake did report 3 diamonds
missing from his chest, but we're now thinking that those were switched to my chest by the raider when the elytra was moved to his.
An annoying raid, with someone going through our things and taking items not too hard to replace, but it would be nice to find out
who it was and see them jailed until they came clean.

btw Dawid27 and Scotstree have recently been to my base and I can say for sure it was not them that moved or took the items.
Both are trusted and welcome friends to my base.

The thief has been identified and put into jail for now.It was neither Scotstree nor Dawid27
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Thank you! Happy to hear that, as expected, the guilty party was neither of my trusted friends.

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