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Missing Beacons, items, minor griefing
I've not played in a while, but I logged on a few days ago and went to a chest in my main base where I thought I had some stacks of emerald blocks or at least emeralds, and instead saw empty spaces. I did think this seemed odd, but as I've not been on in months I just assumed that I didn't have the emeralds I thought I did.

I carried on and when I was at my pyramid base about to restart work on my iron farm, I noticed I wasn't getting a beacon effect, so I flew up to where my beacon should have been and found a sign seemingly indicating who had taken it and when. I've seen the person on twice since then, whispered them and tried asking for my beacon back in chat but have had no response

I've just been to my Guardian farm, and on the way through my nether hub (hidden away), I found it had been compromised.

When I went through into my Guardian farm itself I find that it has been used with dozens if not hundreds of drops left on the floor. Not only that, but some blocks have been removed.

I've just been back to my main base, and discovered I'm missing a second beacon too.

I may also be missing a third beacon, this one from my main base, with it's full pyramid as I know I built one there when I was digging out further, but can't remember if I then took it down or left it in place.
As it turns out I was recording my sessions using plays.tv when I was last on and managed to find the last video I recorded, dated 25th August. These are the most recent screenshots I have. I am in fact missing the third full beacon with a pyramid made of I believe 164 emerald blocks, and multiple items from my chest.


It looks like the chest is missing
128 golden carrots
4 bells
25 emeralds
292 emerald blocks

I've spoken to an admin in game about this, but I've just seen something new.

I started patching up my nether hub and jumped through to my guardian farm to try to fix that (no success yet), and when I came back into the nether going back towards my base it doesn't look like it did a few minutes previously. There's a patch of magma blocks showing, and a hole just behind it, neither of which I think were there a few minutes earlier.


There also appears to be a hole just to the left that was not there previously.


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