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Minor Griefing, items stolen
Recently I logged out for the night and when I logged back in this afternoon, I had my armor stands stolen and all my iron and obsidian taken from my chests. Part of my bridge was broken to climb up it and all the wheat from my farm was taken as well. 

the raider left a sign saying 'u suck i stole everything love.....'

I'm not sure if any moderators or admins could log who opened my chest but if you could, that would be very helpful
Hi. I presume your base is the one called Vanguard, a base that you share with BlitzyKins. I have done an initial investigation and could not find any other stranger at your base. Please be advised that your base is not within the insurance distance of 15K. As such, while it would have been possible to ban a raider if an investigation brought up their name, you would not get replacement items. I strongly recommend you and your basemate travel over the minimum distance of 15K to be eligible for raid/grief insurance.
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