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"lost" some stuff
First I thought I lost some shulkers on lag... but then my iron out of the furnaces disapeared... it must have been within the last 2 days.
there is a normal shulker and an orange one both with random stuff missing.
is it possible to check that out? Do you need further infos?
Hey there!
Block did inspect the area about griefing and noticed, that a player took my shulker, anoherone another shulker (if I am right) and the one did also take some dia blocks out of another shulker. sadly I had to go so i think Block aborted the work around it cause of a lag of infos from me...!? Big Grin He left an extra enderchest.

I thought about it a bit... I had 8 Shulker or so around in that room. They where some with random stuff, two with redstone stuff, my ores and ingots, some other... can't remenber. I Think that the person took some stuff out of the ores shulker. at least 12 blocks dias. Yesterday I discovered, that the content of the one randowm shulker is in my cobblestone chest in that room - i think that is funny. the person just wanted the shulker - not the content...

I do not know how specific a rollback is possible. I think the easiest might be to roll back my chestroom to morning of middle europe 2019-12-31. If I then discover a duplication with the stuff in my ender chest I will destroy that stuff.

It is not very urgent for me to solve the problem, but as I don't play that regular, I thought I should share this infos. I'm going to play tommorow between 20-22 middle europe time... Big Grin
Hi there!

I still have the problem, that I lost some stuff by griefing. The last days I hadn't been lucky to gather some time from a staff member - seems like I'm in a time zone witch is not very useful for that.

What we can do?
Yes we're having a timezone issue, which is making working together to resolve this harder than usual. Have you made lots of changes to your base since the raid?
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Yes to some areas. I changed some stuff at the basement and the villager farms. But the stuff witch is bothered by the griefing is - as i noticed until now - all in my chestroom. so a rollback of the chestroom would be ok for me.
I could send some cords by PM. Or, what would be ok for me as well, I would get 2 shulkers and some dia blocks, the two things witch i fell as the hardest lost. there are some minor losts like iron or such, where i wouldn't bother about. I left the shulkers standing around and think that is stupid... so I have to pay for that Big Grin

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