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Nether Building Insurance in 1.16
As we know in the upcoming update they would be updating the nether. Can we have a new server rule regarding nether building insurance just like in the overworld once we update?
Rawr! Wink 
No, this would be hard to implement. The way we rollback grief/raid in severe situations is restore a whole region file from backups. A region file is a collection of 32x32 chunks. A chunk itself being of an area of 16x16 blocks, means a region file is a 512x512 block area. This works well for Overworld because bases are far enough from each other and rolling back one base is very unlikely to affect another player's base that does not need rollback. In the nether however, 512x512 covers a large area and doing rollbacks will be more likely to affect other players, such as portals, hidden tunnels, markers etc.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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