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Spawn Mob Damage and New Player Deaths
Can we set up a command block to get rid of mobs in spawn.

/tp @e[type=!minecraft:item,type= !minecraft:player, distance=..100] ~ -1000 ~    (villagers, pandas, and whatever else can be added.  This is only an example)

I am speculating, but there have been new players who joined the game and then died in spawn and left.  I can't say for sure that they left because dying in spawn, but they left after dying.  There are holes in spawn that new players have fallen into and gotten stuck not knowing how to get out.  Yes, I know we can explain to them over and over how to get out, but that isnt realistic.

AND if the argument that the command would create to much lag, can we just spawn proof 100% with a certain radius of spawn. This really was not an issue on the 1.12 Server.  Just something we have been seeing lately.
Creepers are automatically killed when they are in a few blocks near players in spawn. There *should* be no >2 block deep holes in the spawn protection range but if there are any, we will do our best to patch them. In the meantime regulars are advised to tell new players to use the command book to tp back to the world spawn if they are stuck in a hole. Teleporting to world spawn from the spawn protection range does not cost any TP credit nor requires full health.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
There is a hole at 237/233

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