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Questions about Entity's around my base
I am still rather new to some things in Minecraft I have only been playing for a year or two, other then the friend that I sometimes play with and share a base with I mostly keep to myself. Recently I have been tolled about the entity cap that I'm supposed to keep an eye on and have been a little baffled by how many is in the area around the small island the base resides on, I do have a couple pets, a small number of villagers and some rather small observer run farms that most of which fit nicely into a 5 by 8 space, the only farm a nit bigger then that is my sugar cane farm and even then it shouldn't be a problem to the server. I looked at my entity cap a few days ago while in the lower level of my base, it was about 42/300 not good I am tolled, I don't want to cause problems for other people or go against the rules looking at what's in my base I don't think that's the 300, I am surrounded by ocean that is very rich in mobs and there is a high chance that there are caves under the water that I have not found yet. I have lit up most of the overland so if the mobs spawn they would be in caves I have not found.

I don't really know what to do, this has caused me a bit of stress thinking about it.
42/300 means there are 300 entities in your area and 42 in your field of view. Try looking around until the entity counts jumps to a high number. Walk there and see what causes it, that's the best tip I can give you. (I tend to press "reload chunks" repeatedly to somewhat see through wall and such.)
If I see you on next time, I will help you to the underground caves that need to be lit. Get your torches ready!
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
I find that on my island fish in the surrounding ocean can be a problem. I have not come up with a solution.

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