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Vanilla High 2020 Valentine's Trade Submissions
I am trying something new. I am asking the community to submit links to decorative heads and banners to be voted on by the community. The highest voted responses will be put in the new trades at spawn for Marco. (I am looking at having 3 heads and 2 banners to put in Marco's trades. This will change based on number of submissions)

Submissions will start now and run through Saturday night. (12 am).
Voting will begin Sunday night (12 am) and will run through Tuesday night (12 am).
Times are Eastern Standard Time

Form for submissions

Submissions are anonymous so we won't and you won't know who submitted them. This way we don't vote bias.
Okay. I'm not talented enough lol.
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgamepedia.cursecdn.com%...f=1&nofb=1]
Submitted one of each.
[Image: Haberja.png]

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