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I accidentally duped some blocks.
This is... odd. I can explain, i didn't use a dupe glitch. Or rather, not intentionally.

So, a few hours before, my house was griefed and the admins rolled back the region and fixed it (thanks you guys btw, amazing job). While i was at the site of where my house used to be, i found out my enchanting room was still in perfect condition, enchanting table and everything. So, since i knew the griefer was probably still at large, i decided to pick up the enchanting table and the anvil to not allow whoever griefed my base to take those too.

So, back to the rollback (hehe, pun), i soon discovered that my whole base was there again. Everything back to normal... including the enchanting room. Except i had the enchanting table. But it was also in the enchanting room. So now i had two enchanting tables and two anvils. Crap.

I just wanted to know if this situation can be resolved without me being banned for duping, because i had absolutely no idea this would happen. Sorry to bother so soon after asking that my base be fixed.
Thanks in advance.
You're a VH regular. I trust regulars to be fair and burn excess items they have after rollbacks.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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