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Request to look into this griefing.
Yesterday I made a large f near spawn for my friend(GalacticalNova) and posted about it in the unofficial  discord where it was bashed by a few players who are all established, regular players. This morning I come online and see the f is griefed which is quite odd considering how out of the way it is, regular players will not be just strolling by this build. Another thing I noticed is how it is griefed, the entire place is littered with cobble, the one sign saying something nice about my friend was broken and the build itself had been lit on fire. I believed this was targeted, not by just anyone but an established player who has something against my friend. The build was not showy, it wasn’t a beautiful pixel art that someone would have spent a lot of time on, it wasn’t a something that is usually targeted by griefers. Hell I spent 20 minutes on the thing but it was the value of the gift to my friend even if he never knew it was even there.

Nova always had some people who didn’t like him but throughout all the time I knew him he always told me that Kailedd and PetertheBrewer despised him the most, even saying they were out to get him. I have talked to the both of them quite a few times and nothing was off; normal nice players. That is until today. I posted my suspicions about the griefing in an unofficial manner- only expressing my disappointment and how I believe it could have been targeted. Kailedd reply’s fully dismissing the the targeted part and saying I should report it if it was 15k or more out despite fully knowing that it was near spawn. Peter joins the conversation and tells me why I should not report this and excuse after excuse. Eventually Kailedd just tells me I am wrong and have nothing to go off of. When I say I think they don’t want me to report it Kailedd says go ahead BUT...(more excuses). It’s almost like their hiding something? Never had this much push back for simply saying I may report.

I understand I am outgunned here, these guys have been here forever, Peter and Kailedd are discord mods while I just started 2 months ago. That being said this was too suspicious for me to not say anything, the two people who I was always told were out to get nova are suddenly fully defensive the second I talk about the grief on nova’s grave? Usually when I speak of grief the first thing I get back is “report it” but this time I get a “too bad” ( he didn’t actually say too bad but read the message on discord after I post about the griefing and it can be summed up to that) 

I think the griefing on my build was more of a hate crime type thing rather than just a random hacker or wandering player who was feeling nasty. It was not kaileed who griefed the build (hasn’t even been online but still the most active in the discord) and I don’t think an admin would do it but if someone were to look into it I believe you would find a very experienced player who has been here for a long time lighting fire to my build, destroying my written signs and littering the area. Sorry about the very long post but there was a lot to explain and I wanted to be understood. Yes I do believe Kaileed and Peter would use their higher positions to protect a griefer of whom I’m sure they know and frequently chat with. Even if I am dead wrong, completely off i still feel as though I did the right thing by posting this because that many obvious clues should be noticed and should be brought up. Again thank you for actually reading the whole thing.

(Edit): after posting this now I realize it maybe wasn’t the time as soupsap just had an outbreak because of nova and nova is a topic in this post but I can assure you he has not told me to post this nor have I had any outside influence on this topic, this is all just things I have noticed and really did want to share I won’t be spamming “fear the nova” or something silly like that in the chat anytime soon,
Random notes 
  • I think the discord chats are still there but if they are deleted I have downloaded the entire thing 
These are some of my responses as a mod on the discord during the mentioned conversation. I think that it speaks for it self.
The full conversation is on the discord and will not be deleted or changed in any way. I do not have to defend myself against any of the accusations made here and I think that most of the player base know this. Kurtuss I am sorry that my attempts clarify the prosses and to assist you were mistaken.

PeterthebrewerYesterday at 10:30 PM
If you take a look around the greater spawn area you will find the remanence of many builds. This is  due to the high volume of player that join just to destroy and the reason players are asked to build 15k+ away from spawn. If you would like to make a monument that has the potential to last you might want to build it just a little further out.

PeterthebrewerYesterday at 10:40 PM
Unfortunately with the high volume of players that frequent the spawn area it would be very difficult to pin down one person. This is why there is no grief protection with in 15k

PeterthebrewerYesterday at 10:42 PM
If anyone catches someone griefing they should try to take screenshots and report them.

PeterthebrewerYesterday at 10:54 PM
@Kurtus I hope that this answers some of your questions and if you do witness any type of griefing please collect as many screenshots of it happening as possible and report it on the forums page.

PeterthebrewerYesterday at 10:56 PM
@Kurtus Please be aware that due to it's proximity to spawn there might not be any coarse of action that the admins can take
But yes report it.

I would appreciate that in the future if you or anyone makes claims of misconduct against me or any player on VH that you provide evidence to support the claims.
You dun goof'd building something next to spawn and expecting it to stay there for more than a minute. The damage you listed is the telltale signs of a new player passing by without any tools to actually demolish such a large structure, defacing it instead.

Also, just how in the world does Nova manage to be the epicenter of drama even after being banned from everything? That's some real talent.

And one final note - the way Nova beieved Peter and Kailied despised him is a result of his own severe toxicity, trust issues and confirmation bias born from and then fueling the previous two things. Nobody ever really had anything against him. He just happened to be breaking rules like it's nothing, making two of the discord staff more strict with him. "They are strict with me and nobody else, it should be them hating me! It's not like I'm doing anthing bad and they are on duty to prevent that????"

I swear if Nova gets brought up AGAIN I'll punch something. He already overspent his budget of burning our nerve cells.
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