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I do have some unfortunate news, I've been away for a long time (for my studies) but I've returned to a wither and all items gone from the chests, my strong belief is that someone thought they could raid everything because of the inactivity of my account, I have mentioned to the inhabitants they could use communal chests but not to completely take every item.

I hope that these items can be restored at some point, I am currently at New Nyhavn, my player name is East_Saxon 

items I care most about are the chests inside the houses, communal spaces and the 2 live beacons that were here,

thank you and all the best.

Harry (East Saxon)
Sorry, but unfortunately, the griefing happened way too long ago, might have even been up to half a year ago. We don't keep backups that far back. We're unable to give you a rollback. I will give you some items to get you back on your feet.
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