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Lag got my shulker
I was doing stuff around town with TopMemer last night in discord, and I was moving things in Inventory.  At some point my shulker was either swapped with 644 cobble stairs or it was thrown out during lag but it had 64 diamond blocks, 58 raw diamond ore, 2diamond horse armor, and 18 raw diamonds.  Those are the unreplaceable things that were lost, rest was things I can get back.  At this point I retraced my steps twice and checked all the bins along the way.  It's gone. Not sure if it went to TopMemes inv or it just despawed somehwere.  It also contained a elytra I had picked up past night from our town, that was the only time I put it down and picked it up.
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Hi. Sorry to hear about the loss. Sadly, insurance against lost items is only provided in cases of raiding/griefing by malicious parties. Replacement items are not given in this situation you describe.
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