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Ban Appeal
Hello fellow players and respective server staff.

I've been banned for using a "Hacked Client". Screenshot:[Image: U3TMR7G.png]

Now, I'm being honest. I don't have a cheat, I was just strip mining on level 10 and found roughly around 40 diamonds in like 5 minutes (luck).
Admins are free and can investigate my tunnels as they are just straight 2 high broken blocks in a STRAIGHT line. Having that luck is quite fishy but not impossible.

I'm also willing to give admins AnyDesk so they can SS me.

My versions folder:
[Image: AApZgzH.png]

P.S. I've read the Guidelines and I have to say that although my luck was fishy, the ban IS unjustified.
Thank you for the explanation. You have been unbanned.
Thank you!

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