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Someone stole all my stuff from my shop
I recently set up a shop and i came to check on it today and everything is gone. Don't know what y'all will do but it was very difficult to gather everything. Would appreceiate if it came back. thx
Some players think it is smart to make shops at the border of spawn protection and leave valuables there. This is a bad idea and admins do not have the time to investigate repeated incidents at such shops. Extended investigation and base insurance is provided for bases which satisfy the minimum build distance of 15,000 blocks away. If your shop is at your base over 15K, reply here and it will be investigated. Otherwise, I am sorry but there are no replacements provided for said shop bordering spawn.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Most of the shops in the new Northern Shopping area are regularly taken from. If you dont check your stuff regular, you might miss out. Some people buy stuff there and leave payments. This server isnt really listed so that it can be tracked...so there we are...Its sell at your own risk. I opened a shop until it was cleared out, then i just didnt refill it once stuff was just taken. Its a choice.
didnt think there was anything yall could do just wondered if there was thx anyways

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