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I have noticed you guys are in desperate need of better servers due to the traffic you have. I suggest https://www.branzone.com/Game-Servers/ with these guys 100% guaranteed you wont have the lag you currently have. This company is probably pricier than what is currently running, but the $5 more will give you 1000% more bandwidth, and I'm sure with the size of staff and population of the server, this is quite doable, but more importantly essential.
Hi. This is not about traffic but single-core CPU clock speed. Pure Vanilla Minecraft is largely single-threaded and is dependent on a high clock-speed per core. Performance drops logarithmically as more players log on. Extra entities also cause more lag. At the time of writing, Vanilla High runs on a dedicated server from OVH. The CPU is a Intel i7-7700K OC running at 4.7GHz/5GHz. Bandwidth-wise, 250Mbps is available. We're paying 125USD for this monthly, including a multi-gigabit capacity to mitigate DDoS attacks.

Reviewing the offers of branzone, I do not find anything that provides a viable replacement for what we currently have.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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