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Jailed (Again) (Possibly False Jail)
Okay so after successfully appealing my first offense, I get on VH quite sometime later. Knowing that I had been wiped, I ventured to my old base as well as my old farms. My old base was an abandoned town (Yes I asked the owner's for permission to base there). I was checking to see if anybody was there or if I had left some supplies before I had been wiped. I also had a villager breeder as well as some other farms in the area, so I also went to check on them. After checking my farms, I noticed that my villager breeder had stopped working and that someone had killed one of the main villagers. Naturally, I went to see if anything else happened to it. I did break blocks to check and was just generally troubleshooting it. Literally 20 seconds after breaking some of the blocks around the breeder I was sent to the jail. I don't know If me breaking the blocks of the breeder seemed fishy because of the wipe and looking like a new player, or if they thought I had done something else, but I know I did ZERO things wrong this time. No stealing. No griefing. Please understand this is very frustrating after getting on VH after just getting unjailed just to get jailed again. This easily could have been my fault for unconsciously breaking the rules, but I was sure to not touch any other player's belongings except my past base's.

-MemezForBeanz (IGN)
Joining the server as a new player your actions were suspicious. Upon review your actions are not in violation of any rules. Sorry for any inconvenience. You will be unjailed.
If you have not been unjailed yet, you can type "vhguide unjailme" next time you're on the server.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Thank you, I'm glad you guys got to me so quickly. I don't blame you for being suspicious. Thanks again.

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