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Glitch effects
So, starting last night I believe, and continuing through most of today, I've experienced effects on my character that are strange and affect the gameplay.

Things I have noticed:
1) Extremely slow to break blocks, similar to mining fatigue
2) When a buried treasure map is highlighted in the hot bar, it does not show it
3) When attacking foes with a pretty good sword, all attacks are weak and without enchantment effects.

The first one makes it difficult to go after any goal.
I don't think I'm alone.  Another member mentioned they would just spend time sorting stuff for now and I think it was due to this.
CubeStealer shouted out today: "There is a new temporary annoying "feature' on VH. After opening a shulkerbox, players will receive mining fatigue. This effect will clear itself after the player runs about 2 blocks after closing the shulkerbox. This is an annoyance that will stay until Mojang releases a patch for something ReallyBad™"

This could be related, as one of the symptoms sounds familiar. The clearing by running a bit after closure of a shulker box doesn't seem to work on clearing the fatigue or the other issues, however. Minecraft without being able to break any blocks fast is not fun.
I'll look into the reported issue about mining fatigue not clearing.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
An update with the symptoms. After some gameplay, the symptoms may be understood better.

1. There is still a effect that prevents easy block breakage.
2. The main hand in first person F5 mode (and anything carried in that hand) does not display.
- this is probably why the maps do not display. Because of this thought, I tested a map in my off-hand (which is displaying) and the map displays in the off-hand.
- this may be why damage is reduced, as if the main hand and its weapon not being displayed may also mean it isn't available for the calculation of damage, then a default 'weak' damage may be used for the attack. I'm not sure there is a way to test this with the offhand in a similar way to maps.
3. My original post suggested that enchantments are not applied. I believe this is incorrect, that the enchantments are applied, but only onto the very weak attack I am stuck with. For example, the Knockback enchantment is happening on attack as well as the Fire Aspect.

Hopefully, this extra information is useful.
yeah one of my accounts has the effect. it's called lolitsstix. I was trading with villagers and putting the items in shulkers and I was going afk a lot cause I had to wait for the next in-game day and at some point I came back and I had mining fatigue but running 3 blocks didn't get rid of it neither did relogging
I noticed the sprinting 3 blocks is working but the server just keeps giving mining fatigue after you get rid of it. this is causing the server to be unplayable for some.
This morning, when I logged in, I could break blocks again. I don't think I did anything to resolve the issue, and I believe others are sill having issues with it. I the meantime, I will unlikely venture to open shulker boxes for the time being.

I heard from one member that this was a bug introduced as a duper/hacker countermeasure gone awry. This got me thinking. Would such a countermeasure not only affect those who were duping/hacking, but also those who have traded for goods which unknowingly were acquired by such means?
There was a small bug in the countermeasure which was patched a few hours ago. The Mining Fatigue gets cleared on sprinting 3 blocks, not walking or jumping or swimming. It is indeed an action we had to do to mitigate a really bad duplication glitch that can potentially destroy the server economy. The inconvenience of the countermeasure outweighs do not outweigh the benefit of having it in place until Mojang patches the bug. As far as I know, there has been only one incident of duping using this exploit and a player who received the duped items reported it instead of profiting from it, initially causing the investigation and discovery of the dupe and the development of the mitigation countermeasure.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]

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